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any screenshot app w magnifying glass zoom effect?

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It has been a mystery to me since long ago: Everybody likes when screenshots include the magnifying glass zoom effect, it is good looking and makes things easier to understand - and yet the feature is not available in any screnshot application for Windows! How can this be? Or do you know one, please? Not even mouser's Screenshot Captor seems to offer this feature!

You are of course already aware, that I am not talking about any magnifying, crosshair selection tool, or magnifying areas in general. And I am not searching for something to be operated with two spreading fingers on the microscopic monitor on a tiny smart phone either, but a program for my desk/lap-top. I am not asking how to magnify, but what application can EASILY create a screenshot like this:

Please don't tell me about various manuals for doing it myself; I want my screenshot capture program to easily do it for me!!

I am not looking for this GIMP style:

-besides looking wrong, it takes half an eternity to create.

No, this is the kind of result I am looking for:

Does such a feature exist in any screenshot capture application for Windows? Please, surprise me!  :tellme:


Curt: (May 29, 2015, 01:58 PM)
--- End quote ---

-thank you, tonifelfe - and welcome to our forum :-)

The screenpresso magnifier glass is fine! Different from what I want, but fine. Well, at €30 / $30 it has to be.

No, this is the kind of result I am looking for:

--- End quote ---

This example is done with a clipart object of a magnifying glass, with a text overlay. It can only be used to "magnify" text.

You could easily accomplish the same effect in Screenshot Captor, if you had the right magnifying glass clipart.

Here is the same effect done in SC:

You can get this clipart object from here:

Put a copy in your MyClipart folder and it will be available to use the next time you run SC.

If you don't like how it looks with this one, you are free to find a better one to use, that will give you the effect you are going for.

Thanks, April.
it takes a little rehearsal ;-)


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