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YoWindow 4 Unlimited License Key


I got YoWindow 4 from Windows Deal.  The deal has expired.  But the form for a free license key comes up in Google and I just got the email with the license key(I applied with another email address just to see if they would honor the request. They did.) It says YoWindow unlimited 3 but maybe nobody updated the form letter.  ( edit: I just checked the license I got for 4 and it says 3 so you should be good.. maybe.)

Anyway you could try the license key they send you with a download from Softpedia and see if it registers.

Here is the form url to apply for the license:

It would be better if it was actual video from a weather cam(or even a still every 20 seconds or so) rather than a simulation.  But what is kind of fun is you can crop your own photo and have the sky in motion as background.  Here is one I did using a picture of Miami.


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