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chrome browser exception list erratic


I am trying to block tracking cookies in Chrome browser.  The suggested technique is to block all 3rd party cookies then add individual sites(as in where you have a logon account) to the exception list.  Unfortunately I can type in domains with no typo.  This time it will add it to the list, that time it won't.  It could take a really long time to do it this way.

Does anyone have a better approach?  There has got to be a way to avoid that broken edit box.

It looks like vanilla cookies extension will do the trick.

btw it seems this build of chrome.exe is honoring the --renderer-process-limit command line switch.  I have --renderer-process-limit=4 at the end of the target line in the shortcut.  It seems to run 6 or 7 instances with 7 tabs open instead of 11 or 12.


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