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Copy from main window crops right and bottom of image

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Hi Mouser,

In my Screenshot Captor window I have a screenshot of a popup which has a fine border around it. Whenever I select the image (Ctrl-A) and then paste it into another application such as Word, IrfanView or Gimp, the bottom and right lines are cropped. How do I prevent this?
Currently, to get around this, I expand the canvas, but that is a bit tedious.

Using Version 4.10.0

Thank you.

Hi hoffmann.

I've just reproduced the problem -- looks like you've found a bug with the Ctrl+C copy procedure not copying the bottom-right row and column.

Stay tuned I'll try to have a beta update tonight or tomorrow that fixes it.

Thanks for reporting the bug!

Thanks Mouser,

That's very fast service. I'm looking forward to the fix.

Please try latest beta:

(4.12.1 BETA) from here (or portable).

Hi Mouser,

I installed the new beta and tested copying and pasting.

I copied from the main SC window using Ctrl-A and Ctrl-C, then I pasted into Word and IrfanView. I checked the results and the pasted images appear to be exactly as what was copied - nothing cropped and nothing added.  :)

Thank you for fixing this issue so quickly.


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