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WildOpal - hypothetical new idea for a "find and replace" program

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I must say, I still don't get it.  Those symbols are not regular symbols that one would use on the keyboard, so what is it for?  Is it just a regex builder in the end?

Tooltip time is rather short at it's default setting
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Ah, the developers of .NET would like to talk to you. Anyway, yes I agree entirely, and a (somewhat tricky) fix is forthcoming. In the mean time however, all the info from the tooltips are available in the main help section.-Twinbee (June 07, 2015, 10:52 AM)
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That is an application-wide setting, but I couldn't find or recall from memory the exact attribute to set :-[, as most of my code isn't on the laptop I was typing my remark on.

I must say, I still don't get it.  Those symbols are not regular symbols that one would use on the keyboard, so what is it for?  Is it just a regex builder in the end?
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Thanks for the question! I included the special symbols for a few reasons:

1: Each special WildGem symbol can represent two, three or even 10+ regex symbols. I don't want to use the original symbols, as they already have meaning. Something like "the ✪ quick" is nicer than "the .*? quick" ;P

2: They are easier to distinguish with the eye than the standard regex symbols, as they don't look like 'normal text'. Less escapes makes the expression clearer even further. This helps especially for more complicated expressions.

3: You can paste text directly directly into the Find expression without having to worry about escaping any of the characters in said text. The WildGem symbols I use are very rare, and hardly anyone would otherwise use them in day to day work.

Anyway, even if you never use the special symbols, and only use the regex filter, I hope you'll find it's a pretty nifty util anyway. Apart from, I don't think anything else has quite this layout where everything is accessible, updates on the fly, and that highlight all regex matches at once in the main text. Be interested to see others programs that can do that if you can find one.

@Ath: Width now reduced to a more compact 1013 pixels instead of 1185 !

I don't replace many things (just break 'em). This, however, will be useful for me on the few occasions when I have the need, have forgotten the syntax, and can't find my copy of Searching for Dummies :Thmbsup:

Nice, lucid help, as with OpalCalc  :Thmbsup:  :Thmbsup:
Thanks for making it available!

Thanks for the feedback! The non-beta version will be potentially hundreds of times faster (helpful for 100MB or even 1GB+ files!), and will allow the escape syntax in the replacement section too.

The speed increase is due to the Scintilla text component (the one Notepad++ uses!) - so much better than .NET's crappy RichTextBox. Oh HOW I wish I knew about that when I was developing OpalCalc...


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