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Contraption Maker is FREE this weekend! (23rd May 2015)

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Contraption Maker is FREE this weekend!

Now is the time to play and join in on all of the mind boggling fun. Just enter your email below and we will send you a game key.

Q: How do I get Contraption Maker for free?

A: Enter your email address below, and we will generate and send you a registration key. This is just so we can send you a key. You will not be signed up for our newsletter.

Q: Can I play for free after this weekend?

A: As long as you register this weekend, you will own the game forever. Even after the promotion is over.

--- End quote ---


Thanks! It worked.

But what does this even mean?

They tell me 2 rules, tell me my password matches 2 of 3 rules, then tells me 4 rules must be met.

I found some other weirdness with Home, Page Up, and Page Down inserting characters (the letter "k") instead of navigating the caret in the text fields.

These minor quirks aside, this looks to be a fun game!

I bought this during the Steam winter sale. My 6-year old loves it. It's great with a touch-screen, especially. He can get the "easy" and some of the "medium" puzzles. It's from the same guy who made "The Incredible Machine" back in the day. You should see some of the "contraptions" that people have submitted - the detail and intricacy boggles the mind.

On slow connections like mine, the installation procedure is a drag...and when you try to play the game, only then it starts to download the actual game ?!?

Not a good first impression. Don't know if this is common practice these days, but the one who thought this up deserves to be taken out back...
[/grumpy mode off]

On slow connections like mine, the installation procedure is a drag...-Shades (May 23, 2015, 09:06 AM)
--- End quote ---

Just for a frame of reference, what is the speed of your 'slow connection'? What one person considers slow another may not.


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