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how to delete this empty file? (problem solved)

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There's also WhyReboot which will tell you of any pending file operations at reboot.

Does doing a system restore to before make any sense?

Did the rename occur? If so, try renaming it back to what it was originally named. Then try deleting it again.


I am grateful that you've been trying to help me out on this, guys, Thank You!  :up:

I have been testing all of your suggestions, except for the obvious one: Recovery via System Restore. I can't use System Restore here, because the empty file is older than the oldest Restore Point from yesterday morning! I have now been battling this file for two days.

One "fact" has been mentioned several times by various message boxes: The file does not exist in the system / Windows,
but then it must somehow 'merely' be a problem in Explorer? Eh..., how can something be a problem in Explorer but not in Windows :tellme:

I have also tried to re-install QTTabbar, and to run WinUtilities 7 'cleaner', and of course to only work in Safe Mode ("unlocker"s don't work in Safe Mode)...
but the empty bugger is still (not) there.  :(

The next obvious suggestion for a stuck file in Windows is to boot a Linux LiveCD and remove the bugger  :)


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