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how to delete this empty file? (problem solved)

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Normally, programs like Unlocker, IObit Unlocker, LockHunter, etcetera, can delete an empty file. Unfortunately, this time they can't.

Maybe the problem is that one of the tricks I've tried to use, was to click "rename and delete". I now #imagine# that this was a really wrong thing to do, because how can you rename a file that isn't there? No, you can't! So now there is a key in the registry or something, saying that this file (that doesn't exist) should be renamed, and therefore no-one can touch it until the renaming (that cannot happen because the file really isn't there) has been done!?? So Windows is waiting for the renaming to happen, but it cannot happen. Is this it? Is that why it has been impossible for me, to delete this piece of nothing?

I have rebooted (several times) and everything. Not being able to rename, includes not being able to add extension.

Is there a place where I can cancel the renaming job (if that is a problem at all)?  :tellme:

The command is probably under the RunOnce key in the Registry:


there was nothing waiting there:

Have you tried deleting it after booting into Safe mode?

Did you try Move On Boot?


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