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Processes and/or folders to exclude from malware scanners for Exchange email

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ATH:  Yes! You have it!  Bought and paid for and I did all the "right things", checked with THEIR tech.  Searched THEIR boards.  Found other people with the exact same problems.  And I DO mean "EXACT Same problems"  and these people also found the "exact same solutions".  The odds of this being a  coincidence are just too high.  I have never been  a believer in "coincidence" when life is full of "cause and effect" situations.  Some of them even posted that they could see where there are other posters with the same problems.

Sure, sports papers love to print the stories where some 80 yr old  'duffer' hits a 'hole-in-one' on a par 4 shot on his first swing of the day but there aren't courses where that happens to multiple aging golfers on the same hole in less than a year.

This is a real 'cause and effect' and MBAM refuses to say what part of their software has any effect on the way Exchange servers work.  Because this loses them sales, I believe they either really don't know' ..... or... they wont tell anyone due to proprietary methods.   I have seen them get people to go off into private chats (on a couple of cases) and the people are probably sworn to secrecy after that.  Maybe they given them a free lifetime subscription.  (now TRUE "paranoia" pokes out its head :)  )
If it IS the active Malicious website detection (which most of us who found this problem have narrowed it down to) they won;t tell anyone as they would not want to be telling any of their clients to "Turn Off" any of their protection

I can also see this having to remain a well kept  secret to avoid the information falling into the "wrong hands" and being used to create a work-around to avoid the very module that currently protects those it works for.  That is why I said I don't really expect to get an answer because "This is the World we now live in".

But if i don't come up with something then we are buying $1000 ever year worth of useless software.  No one runs it because they cant depend on the mail being on time and reliable.  In our business they "eat and breathe" email.  They would go without Anything Else just to be able to have that one thing work.

Since all posters are essentially anonymous except for contacts through the board, there is no way I can ask Any of the other people if they ever solved their problems.   I can only try to connect to them "Through" the board and my posts to try to reach them are removed for "non compliance" with board rules.

About the only thing i got out of their "help" was finding out that an old Windows 7 system that I dug out of the scarp pile had some kind of "hacked" software on it.  They never said what, just told me that was the end of their help.  I guess that is nice to know except the laptop in question was a junker that is the only thing laying around i could just "play with".  But when they start telling me to "turn off all antivirus protection and such and run a bunch of software tools I have never heard of....  I am sure not going to use anything I might need again later.

I guess a lot of people are more desperate than i am because a lot of them actually do it.  I, on the other hand, spend 30 minutes or more researching the "tools" they want me to run (Run with my AV disabled etc ) to create these lists of "possible problems".  I wasn't the only one who complained about that either. :mad:

Oh!  And the option of NO Mal-ware scanner isn't a workable solution.  They DO use the Internet a LOT and DO download and runs apps.  If I could get MBAM to NOT scan the email at all BUT work on everything else, that is exactly what I need to do.  This is exactly what I asked for but cannot get a working reply.
If the people who get a "bug" do so from opening an attachment from some Lawyer in Nigeria telling them they need to collect their money...
Well, i can live with that and they deserve what they get.

And the link I posted in reply #8, does that improve anything?

Thanks for the quick response Ath.  The answer is that this is what I have been doing but it isn't so easy with Exchange.  If you have used Office 365 you may know what I mean.  The actual exchange servers that handle YOUR specific email are hard to pin down.  There are way of finding it but in tests I have run when connected to different ISP's i discovered that the servers are not always the same servers.
But my original efforts went exactly through the processes you mention.  And YES, it does work .. to an extent.  It depeneds on whether or not the servers you pass-through are the ones in use at that point in time.  

Just like i found out (belatedly) that what you THOUGHT was your real email address isn't.  It is more of an "alias" for some lengthy and weird "[email protected]" or some similar.

( found that by accident too)  While the email address as you type it does work, it isn't the one that is used to route the email.  And even this varies depending on whether you own your own domain or are using he normal [email protected] etc.  

Anyway, your link is the doorway to the solution.  If you could figure out what parts of what to use there, I believe it could be done.  The fact that the One Module that causes all the problems is the Active malicious website protection is just plain odd.  So far i did the piece by piece ethod as you showed and as long s you get all the right ones in place, it does work.

I am totally amazed that the whole setup  (IE:  OUTLOOK EXCHANGE not  MBAM)  works as well as it does.  It looks like something that has to be a 4th generation iteration of software that was written by computers, tested by other computers, and had multiple generations of improvements by even more computers.  I am not sure a Human could actually follow the logic

Yet, Work it does and at speeds that are hard to believe.  less than 15 seconds from hitting send on my end to hearing the "ding" on your smartphone (or whatever .. it doesn't seem to matter what you send from or what you receive on nor where in the World you are located.)  Sure beats the Old POP/SMTP by Miles!  We  ran multiple tests trying to see if there was any combination that would NOT get that kind of performance but it all did!

If you could figure out what parts of what to use there, I believe it could be done.
-questorfla (May 23, 2015, 10:36 AM)
--- End quote ---
It looks like you need to use the "Add Process" button to exclude your local Outlook.exe (or whatever it may be called in Office 365) from being interfered by MBAM. (I'm not using MBAM myself, and with this thread in mind I have no intention to...)

Stoic Joker:
Is there any provision for wildcarding in the MBAM exclusions? Because if you could do a wildcard exception for * or (the MS owned IP block that runs on) that should cover everything flowing between OL & Ex.


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