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Perfect Effects 9.5 free


Perfect Effects 9.5 100% discount

I am not skilled with image editors and similar software so I don't know how this compares to something like Paint.NET  It seems to be exclusively for applying filters.  I can tell you I just installed it.  It accepted the license key and activated.

The reason I am trying it, even though I do not use this type of software very often, is one of the videos on their site showed background removal by just dragging the mouse to indicate what to remove.  It wasn't necessary to closely trace the boundary or mess with creating layers.  How well it works in practice I may find out later.

One thing that struck me about the online tutorial videos is one photo was used to demontrate applying a filter but the completed effect was always shown with a different photo.  Hmm, perhaps the person doing the demos had a better speaking voice than filter tuning skills?

But I can always uninstall it if it sucks.  :)

Granted I don't have experience with paint programs.  But after 3 hours or so and watching a bunch of tutorials I still cannot figure out how the convert the masked area into a layer so I can delete it.  There seem to be no layer tools at all in this software.  It is a shame because it does seem that the Quick Mask tool is good at auto detecting the area at least for easy cases.

I even loaded a photo into paint.NET and added a layer, then reversed the order of the layers hoping when I loaded the photo into PE the layer I wanted would be in the background.  But nope. It put them the way it wanted.  I have the feeling this product is split into mutliple modules you have to buy in order to do the complete job.

Anyway, yet another freebie to uninstall. 

The full Perfect Photo Suite is not a normal editor, but a collection of addons ("Work as standalone apps or as plug-ins for Adobe® Lightroom®, Photoshop® and Photoshop Elements."). Layers is just one of these addons ("Blending photos and making selections has never been easier.")

The full suite is on offer at $79.95 instead of $150. 64-bits only, so I will not be purchasing.

Thanks Curt.  Sounds out of my league.  :)

Hmm, turns out the Paint.NET Magic Wand selection works nearly as well.  I just had to read the docs and mess with the tolerance setting.  Some of the effects in Perfect Effects might have been worth using if I still had my cameras.  But for general purpose I really don't need it.


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