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Antivirus: Quick Thoughts 2015


This is not going to be in depth at all, but I thought it would be of interest here, since we always talk about AV programs.

I recently have decided to change my AV software.  I just started using ESET NOD32 (AV only) yesterday, and I think that's the one I prefer, let me explain.

I used to use Kaspersky, like a decade ago.  It was good, but then it started slowing down and being "unresponsive".  Like, I'd click on buttons like update, or other ones (don't remember), and nothing would happen, or it would take many seconds.  it was pretty annoying, I hate that.  So it was a performance issue, it seemed to be slowing down enough to bother me.
That's when MSE was getting a lot of publicity.  I tried was free, fast, not bad.  So I kept that for a few years until last year.

I got annoyed by the lack of options in MSE, like being able to exclude files and folders with an interface that I liked.  So I started looking at the options again.  I tried Bitdefender.  It was good, very simple and pretty fast.  I used it for a while, but then the exclusion interface also started bugging me.  I just don't like it.  I also don't like how overly simple it is, almost the same complaint as MSE.
Then I tried Kaspersky again, after a few years.  Well, it has also suffered from interface annoying things.  Whereas before, all the options were in a nice simple tree, etc. now they are all over the place.  Like ribbon interfaces, you have to click around to find what you want, very annoying.  But it is loaded with features, pretty fast I guess.  But the interface was bugging me.

So I tried mouser's favorite, NOD32.  I like it!  The first thing I noticed was all the options are in a nice dialog with a tree interface.  None of this modern, weird, uber simple stuff. 

So that's it.  ESET has hit the sweet spot.  Hopefully it's not too slow or something. 

ESET was my fav but have gone over to the "free" side with Panda or 360 Total Security.
Have just re-installed pc and debating between the two.

Don't think it makes much difference between free or shareware AV since from my past experience, they often fail to neutralize attacks all the time or in real time if you prefer.

I find something like MalwareBytes to be the best complimentary asset to conteract nasties.
Would be nice if ESET had a minimum free version though.  :)

mouser was actually unhappy with ESET Nod32 and moved eventually - but I think the problem was the firewall in the full suite:

mouser was actually unhappy with ESET Nod32 and moved eventually - but I think the problem was the firewall in the full suite:
-tomos (May 21, 2015, 03:15 AM)
--- End quote ---
thanks...i remember that thread.  So last year, mouser switched to AVG.  Mouser, how's that going after a year?  Still good?  I may consider AVG, I suppose.


Yeah, and when I'm not feeding the mammoths because I move at glacial ice age rates, I need a new AV too, to ditch MS Sec Essentials for.


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