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50% off discount for RightNote - 19 May

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Hi folks,

We are pleased to let you know that we are currently running a 50% discount sale for RightNote on Bitsdujour.

Head on over to to take advantage of the sale.

RightNote is a multi-faceted information manager that will help you get a grip on information overload. It can be used to collect internet research, webpage capture, bookmarks, source code snippets and more.

Rael Bauer

(This is a slightly edited version of my comment to the Bits du Jour offer.)

RightNote is an excellent note-taking program -- better than roughly a dozen others I have tried over the years. I consider it one of my essential programs, and use it many times every day for both work and personal projects. One of its greatest benefits is easily clipping web pages to become editable notes. That alone is worth the price of the program, and has saved me many hours of manual copying and pasting.

My only disappointment with RN is a number of small but awkward traits which I think would be easy enough for Rael to improve. For example:

 - Ctrl+Backspace deletes the previous word (this is expected) but strangely, Ctrl+Del deletes only a single character (it should delete the entire next word).

 - Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down.arrow selects text to the previous/next paragraph (this is expected) but strangely, Ctrl+Up/Down.arrow scrolls the page (it should move the cursor to the previous/next paragraph).

 - In the find & replace dialog, the "Replace with" field displays the text used in the previous operation, but "Find what" does not (it is always blank).

Quirks such as those (and in other cases, small bugs) make RN feel somewhat rough, and unfortunately Rael has not addressed them months after being notified of them.

I find it difficult to understand why the author of RightNote is using so much space on his own homepage, to talk about Evernote. Is Evernote better, or merely better known, than RightNote?

The Evernote note type takes RightNote to the next level, and allows you to store selected notes in the cloud and access them from any mobile device, browser or desktop using the Evernote service. The new Evernote Manager makes it easy for you to sync multiple Evernote accounts and notebooks with RightNote. You can then search through all these notebooks simultaneously with the multi-notebook search feature.

Check out how to get up and running with the Evernote integration here

-RightNote on Evernote
--- End quote ---

"...and also present and display them to others in a way that makes sense (to others)."

If I could find something that would do that for my organic, physical, literal brain I'd buy it at any price!

@Curt: I don't quite understand. This is not the home page. It is a page dedicated to describing the Evernote integration.

@Innuendo:  :).


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