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While looking into how to get experience with JTAG using a Raspberry Pi, came across tindie:

Tindie is the largest marketplace online for open hardware. Thousands of our inventions are open source. The schematics and source code are available for anyone to study, remix, or even clone.

--- End quote ---


Has any one picked up anything via tindie?

Found a "USB Lithium Ion coin cell battery charger LIR2032, CR2032 replacement":

(Though it may be that care and timing are needed to stop the charging appropriately.)

Poking through it, the concept looks rather interesting.

Maybe instead of making only one ignition coil driver I'll make like 10 of them and sell the extras for other hobbyists who want one. I would just have to open source my design for it, which isn't too bad considering its largely derived from well known designs.

I wonder if they provide some way of gauging interest in potential projects...


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