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Batch PDF printing

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the obvious answer here is VBA. 

what's not obvious is how often you need to do this and the variables involved, ie for the given sample (1 file, in 5 parts) it wouldn't be worth your while batching it.  And if the variables change each time then obviously the overhead is going to beat you every time

The program Icecream PDF Split and Merge does , but is not freeware

Try printing it as one long PDF, and then upload to —notice the "more" button to get multiple splits.
-ayryq (May 18, 2015, 04:54 PM)
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A good solution.
Best Regards

Hi Contro! I recommend you Print Conductor ( I use this program to convert a document file in PDF-file and batch printing PDF-files. I will be happy if my advice helps you.

Not sure if this applies or not but I use the bullzip utility which is free for home use.  Has no whistle or bells but has always worked and so easy to use i find it hard to replace. Get at
be sure to look carefully for the community version' which is listed far down the page as some of the other options are free trials of their paid for product


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