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Batch PDF printing

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I have seen several applications for batch printing.
But I need a special one for word files.
I have a word file of 67 pages to split in groups of pages.
so I need to print in an automated way to print :
From page 1 to page 5
from page 6 to page 13
from page 14 to page 21
from page 21 to 67

With the virtual printer to pdf in word 2010 i don't see this option. It only generates a single pdf , not several.

How can i print the word file to pdf while splitting ?

A script ?

Best Regards

Is it possible to print a word file from the command line ?


Just so I better understand what has to be done, how many sets of *different* 67 page files have to be done this way?

To me, there has to be a script that just does "print, pages 105 ; print, pages 6 to page 13 ; print, pages 14 to page 21 ; print, pages 21 to 67".

Int other words, one (clunky?) way to do it is mimic doing it yourself manually. For example those "repeat action" macro programs would do it, and you just run it once per file.

But if you had a whole army of 67 page files to do this on, you'd need another step, some kind of loop to select each one, then do that above.

Maybe you can try this...
find a pdf printer software that has command line functions.
use mouser's drag and drop robot software to manage the command line stuff.

Try printing it as one long PDF, and then upload to —notice the "more" button to get multiple splits.


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