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Urgent -- new keyboard, hotkey not working: how do I activate FARR?


Hi forum,

is there a hidden/permanent hotkey that activates FARR when all else fails? Obviously I also have checked the "don't show tray icon" setting in FARR.

So how can I make the FARR window show up?


You can runn FARR from the command line with the -show parameter

--- ---C:\path\to\farr\FindAndRunRobot.exe -show

from the help file
You can start FARR with some commandline options for advanced usage.

NOTE: You can launch a second instance of FARR with these arguments, and they will be PASSED ON TO THE FIRST INSTANCE and executed, without actually leaving a second instance running (so don't specify -exit unless you want to kill all running instances)

-standalone = start FARR visible and in taskbar, and exit on close of window
-search "search string" = start FARR visible (or bring up any running copy) and start a search
-show = start FARR visible (or bring up any running copy)
-hide = hide FARR if visible
-toggle = toggle display of farr
-exit = exit any running copy of FARR.
-exitifnotrunning = exit FARR unless it was already running and this was a second instance launched just to search or launch
-launch = start FARR (or invoke in a running copy) and launch a command (can use any normal FARR launch strings including setting user variables, etc.)
-unloadplugins = tell running instance of FARR to unload all plugins temporarily, so that plugin files can be replaced
-loadplugins = tell farr to reload temporarily unloaded plugins (must be balanced # of calls)

--- End quote ---

 :Thmbsup: Great, thanks. Worked instantly.


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