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CPU Smoothing? (Solved)

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What exactly does the CPU Usage Measurement Smoothing do? I haven't touched it since I installed it as I'm afraid I might mess something up  lol
I have set a couple of games to 'Force High' and they're working great, so will the 'smoothing' affect those?
I have read the info in the Help section, but I just don't understand it. Is it better to set the gauge to 'Might Jump the Gun' or 'Might React Too Slowly'? What exactly happens to programs at each end? Can someone explain this in very simple terms lol? I guess if I don't even understand this maybe I shouldn't be using the program at all, but I can't do without it now as I notice such a big difference with my games already - in a good way :)

Welcome desiree!

Let me try to explain the concept of the cpu usage measurement smoothing.

First of all, understand that the setting does not change your cpu -- it refers to how the program MEASURES how busy your cpu is when it decides whether it should tame a program.

If the setting is at the far extreme towards "Might Jump the Gun" it means that the program is always looking at the current, instantaneous cpu use of the program -- so as soon as the program uses a lot of cpu for even a fraction of a section, Process Tamer will view the program as something to be tames.

As the slider moves more towards the "Might React Too Slowly" end, Process Tamer will AVERAGE the cpu use of an application over a longer and longer period, and only pay attention to the recent average.  So if you set it at the far end of that scale, a program could hog the cpu for 10 minutes before Process Tamer decides the application needs to be tamed.

So the default setting is reasonable, and you could move it a bit towards "might react too slowly" if you have applications that are being tamed when they really are just using high cpu for a short period that you don't care about.  Or move it towards "might jump the gun" if you find that process tamer is waiting longer than it should before kicking in and taming an app.

Bottom line: It's not a setting you are likely to benefit from much by changing it away from default.

Thank you so much for your quick reply  :)
I think I understand it now.
As I already notice the difference PT makes to my games, its obviously doing what it's made to do so I'm happy.
You say 'so as soon as the program uses a lot of cpu for even a fraction of a section, Process Tamer will view the program as something to be tames'.
Regarding the CPU priority, the game is set to 'Force High'. PT won't tame it as the priority overrides it, correct? I have set the explicit rule to it.


Thanks again for your help :)


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