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Bargain Watch software?

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Does anyone know of a "bargain watch" software?  I find myself searching every day for giveaways for particular software applications.  Naturally it occurs to me how cool it would be if one could just specify a list of software with minimum version numbers and get an email when something on the list is available for free.  Pperhaps even an email with a different subject line if it is only a discount for the item.  It would save a lot of looking around.  Not to mention avoiding expired giveaways.

You could create an account at OzBargain and then set to receive emails in the category you're interested in.

Since a lot of them trawl other software websites looking for bargains then post them there, you could think of it as a bargain aggregator.

There might be a similar site in other countries.

Otherwise I've used Google Alerts in the past to keep watch for a particular piece of hardware being on sale.

Thanks for the suggestions.  :)

Specifically for video games:

Is there any deal?

Specifically for video games:

Is there any deal?
-Deozaan (May 18, 2015, 04:28 PM)
--- End quote ---

Thanks.  :)


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