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I need a folder updater.

This is one of the situations :

a) I have a lot of folders of this type :

b) When i vary a file in the VARINTS subfolder I would like to execute your script and update the rest of subfolders in the tree. Have all the rest of subfolders with the same files and even subfolders if exist in the VARINTS subfolder.

c) So i need a configurable script to determine the target tree (see a) ) and indicate the model folder for this purpose, by example y:\GAB\Projects\125.01\COMPO\VARINTS

Is it possible ?

Best Regards

Note : xxx.yy are variable characters


Not sure I understand the requiement entirely, can you explain again or give some sameples as to what you will change, where, and what you would want to happen to which files where, after that change?


Really it's a sort of synchronization between predefined files and folders.

By example :

I vary Y:\GAB\Projects\127.08\COMPO\VARINTS\001.doc
So this is the last version of file i need in all the rest of folders according the pattern :

where xxx.yy are any characters in the path.


I'd use FreeFileSync and script it to run automatically:

This software is fantastic for backups, synchronization and version control. It can be installed "on local PC" or as "portable (USB drive)".

I tend to use it for Mirror backups.

You can create scripts for backups, and you can batch script multiple backups together if desired.

To create a backup script do the following:
 - Open FreeFileSync
 - Click on "Advanced" menu option
 - Click on "Create batch job..."

How did you avoid Open Candy?  Also on your link all I see for download is the change log.

I downloaded from the home page but an MBAM scan said the installer contained Open Candy.


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