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New Virus or ??

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Sorry I have been in and out .  Things are getting better here but in answer to a ferw questions>  Yes, the systems did reboot. Quite obviously, if for no other reason than people rebooting them but many hit a point where they rebooted as files to stay running were deleted.  Sorry for not mention that specifically.
As for the Desktop background, there is plenty of mention of that in the "padding" used to "hide" the actual virus.  They said that there are a lot of real files such as deskrtop backgrounds etc that are mixed in with the virus in order to increase the size of the file so that it can escape any searches for those "small files that look suspicious".
While I have no "proof" it was Rombertik, (and to be honest really don;t care or ever want to see anything like it again) I can say that whatever it was, it left an indelible mark, probably for the best.
And Yes, Stoic, you are correct.  But that won't change and that is the way it is.
This is not a domain, it is a work-group and just about anybody can do as they Darned well please which bugs me no end but...They will learn when the day comes that some file clerk wipes out the whole business from a YouTube Download.
Until then, my job is to try to hold things together as best as I can.
Thanks for everyone chiming in.  All knowledge is worth something.  We still have no idea of the original vector forit other than SOME of the people who got hit got a couple of odd emails.  
But some people who did NOT get hit also got some very similar.
None of the emails contained any attachments and all were stamped as being scanned by the MS Exchange Servers and found clean. (even though the language used in them was anything but)
I was reading my own posts and wanted to clarify this.  In the early stages we did suspect email to be a source but now I think the email was more of a symptoms than a cause.  It worked much like a hijacker virus would and the effects were so "directed" that you could almost feel someone else in the machine watching each User freak out!  I can imagine then that this would not be so impossible and someone Could have actually been looking on through the webcam. :)

Stoic Joker:
Thanks for the update. I've been thinking that mouser needs to come up with a new award just for you because of the unique level of OMFG What??!? class issues you consistently encounter. It is always truly intriguing to join in your issue threads.

LMAO!  Thanks Stoic.  On most of this I just happen to think in odd ways.  I can't take credit for this new disaster but some of the other stuff is just me thinking WHY are "people" still having to do things like this.
Part of the answer is 100% your are corrct.  How many busineses these days have a antique "workstation" environment.  Makes me want to cry.  ... Or laugh>?  Life is what it is.. either roll with it or get rolled over by it.  I try to think outside the "box" and sometimes... I wonder about my own sanity.  They say that means you are OK.  As long as you have doubts about yourself,  you are fine.  Though that sounds a little odd on the face if it.
I was thinking about asking Mouser if there was ever any more thought given to making the contents of the entire Forum available for search and download.  I have seen so many things here that I see nowhere else.  I would archive the whole thing if I could.
Who needs Google?  Just search this forum and  "All Questions Shall Be Answered; All Secrets revealed!"  :Thmbsup: :D


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