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FARR launching local exe file into Firefox for download

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Hello and good day…

I recently upgraded my FARR … Before I was able to launch my password generator program directly from FARR... But now when I launch the password generator program it wants to open it up in Firefox.… As if it were downloading a .exe file.

I attempted to create a shortcut that I put on my desktop… If I double-click on this directly it will open up the password generator program properly. However if I try to launch the shortcut from within FARR it will still try to send it to Firefox.

Thanks for any suggestions on how to prevent that from happening. :-)

how odd!!

can you check your settings on the "External Tools and Plugins" tab and see if you have anything custom set.

is it only that application that launches that way?

is there anything odd about it that might cause that to happen?

thanks for the suggestion... I feel foolish because I had firefox set in the "Overide default internet browser" field... I removed it and it works properly now. :) Thanks!

Well, setting that should NOT have caused that problem!
You should be able to set firefox there.
So something must have been confusing farr and making it think that the password generator thing was a url somehow?


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