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Change the order of the phrases

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I am practising my memory.

I have to memorize a text.
Suppose is Antigona and have 100 phrases.

I need a mixer and then be able to reorder in the correct order again.

Do you know a tool for this ?

Best Regards


I think perhaps in a txt file.
If a paragraph is in the same line is enough to change the orden of these lines.

Let me see.....


This is one possible way to do this :
Pasting random lines of a text file - AutoHotkey › ... › Ask for Help
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18 feb. 2007 - 5 entradas - ?2 autores
Is there a way to open a text file, select a random line and put this line on the ... Alternatively, you could sort the file randomly with Sort, but that ...

Check out this NANY 2014 release: Text Inspection & Manipulation Utility
It has a Scramble feature...

Thank Ath.
I was searching in "my memory" and find Skwire
I will put the links


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