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Visualize pseudo code via flowcharts?

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I'm looking for a software that helps me to visualize program logic (e.g. for writing a string parser).

Maybe some kind of flowchart that contains pseudo code logic blocks (while / foreach / do until, etc.)?

- Windows
- NO Java
- Portable
- If possible: Freeware (but I'd pay for it if it offers advanced features)

Does anyone use a software like this and can share his thoughts?

Do you mean UML software? Something like Visio?

Pencil and Dia come to mind as Visio alternatives. I played a little with both, they seemed reasonable; some types of operations seemed to be easier in one, some in the other. Links should be easy to find. There was another alternative mentioned in a thread here a year or two ago, don't recall it offhand.

^ I've used Dia, and quite like it. It's not Visio, but it is decent, and free.

Dia -

Pencil -

Are those the ones that you are referring to?  Just making sure that I'm looking at the right software.


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