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Hawk Host Shared Hosting bargain


If in need of shared hosting I would take a look here:

Hawk Host has 25% off coupons for shared hosting here:

When I signed up 3 months ago they honored a coupon for 25% discount.  So I assume it is legit.

If you sign up and wish to cite me as a referral that's cool. But it's no big deal since the initial plan I had was quite economical.  Also I must say any query I made to support was resolved quickly and competently.

I've been there just about 3 months.  I haven't noticed any downtime or other problems that I could not easily resolve by contacting support.  Also just yesterday they emailed me to notify me I could increase my total storage from the current 3 GB to 6 GB at no charge.  I can't complain about that.  :)


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