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Recommended replacement for Push The Friggin Button (PTFB)?

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 So  Bitsdujour has PTFB Pro on sale today. I realize this is an older thread, but I was curious how PTFB compares to other options.

I was curious how PTFB compares to other options. -sphere (July 02, 2020, 08:36 AM)
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If you check Alternatives to PTFB Pro Software Automation Tool, it doesn't look there are any direct replacements.  Most of that list are either for software testing or general macro programs.

A quick look at my Automation tools archive turned up WinSendKeys by DC member Ath.  Don't know of that would work.  Warning - Ath's site is yet another one marked as "possible Trojan" by trigger-happy MBAM.

Thank you. This is an area that is pretty new to me.  I am not sure where to start comparing the capabilities.  It seems like a big place to look are the triggers.

I found this review/description on a reddit forum:
PTFB Pro: This is one of my favorite apps that I only discovered a month ago. PTFB Pro enables you to press buttons to repetitive dialog boxes. You train it what to look for, then the next time that nagging dialog box appears, PTFB Pro takes care of it for you. PTFB Pro can, like Actual Window Manager, force windows and dialog message boxes to appear in specific places on the screen. It can click on check-boxes for you, record macros for both the mouse and keyboard presses, and more. If you've ever started typing a comment here, on Reddit, then closed that tab without saving the comment, you've seen that "Are you sure you want to leave?" question. PTFB Pro takes care of that too.

    PTFB Pro and Actual Window Manager share some features, but there are some things that the first can do that the other can't, and vice versa. ...
Have you noticed that when you want to view the Properties of a file, the window always appears in some random location on screen? Actual Window Manager and PTFB Pro can both make any window with the word "Properties" in its title bar appear centered on screen. When you press the WINKEY+R to bring up the command dialog, it appears in some stupid place on the screen. Not any more. now it always appears centered on the screen. And so on..."


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