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Recommended replacement for Push The Friggin Button (PTFB)?

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Is there a recommended free replacement for PTFB?  I find it's not working with some buttons...for example on one app I'm trying to auto minimize the app since it starts opened on bootup and it doesn't recognize the button.   Thanks!

Is that stubborn app by any chance written in/using .NET & WPF?

I'm not really sure.  The app is named folder-rss and I think it was actually written by someone here at   It gets a list of "new files" and builds an rss feed of them which I feed to my htpc so it can list both new recordings and shows that might have been downloaded via torrent etc.  All I'm really trying to accomplish is have it start minimized or ideally in the systray.   I used another app to put it into the systray but it still shows up on startup and has to be minimized to make it disappear.

Have you tried starting the offending program from a command prompt, using START /MIN?

Have you checked the Troubleshooting section in PTFB's Help file?

There don't seem to be many dedicated alternatives now - RTVReco is really ancient - but a couple of free ones to try might be ClickOff and PowerPro (which does an awful lot more, and isn't for the fainthearted).

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WARNING: I just tried ClickOff on Vista, and it was not a happy experience at all. Best left for legacy XP systems, perhaps.  YMMV.

Three auto-clickers I've recently found, and haven't yet even downloaded, so don't know if they really do the same thing:

* Window Clicker
* RuneScape Auto Typer and Auto Clicker
* AutoMouser


* Window Clicker -rjbull (May 21, 2015, 04:48 PM)
--- End quote ---

I have written MurGee and asked for a download link for Window Clicker.

Their answer gave no explanation for the missing link (!), but offered this alternative:

Window Clicker alternative
Visit us at Window Clicker
--- End quote ---
Auto Clicker – Download Clicker and Automate Mouse Cursor
Mouse Clicker Softwares to automate mouse movement and clicks
Close Popup Window Automatically on Windows Computer

The Software presented here can be used as quick and easy window closer to close any unwanted popup reminders or other message box displays. The Software presented here is available for download now and can be used for multiple uses. It can be simply used as Window Closer to close any specified window. As the screenshot below displays, all you need to do is just select the desired window and mark it for automatic closure. The Button Clicker is a Window Automation Software and can be used on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP and even on Windows 2000 -Auto Clicker – Close Popup Window Automatically
--- End quote ---

also, the mail included a list of all their click-programs:

1) Auto Clicker to simulate Mouse Clicks at Current Mouse Cursor Location with HotKey combination on Keyboard or Physical Mouse Click.

2) Auto Mouse Clicker to create Mouse & Keyboard Automation Scripts offered with lots of Tutorials and Sample Scripts.

3) Auto Mouse Mover to keep Mouse Cursor moving at configured interval to keep Windows Active all the time.

4) Random Mouse Clicker to simulate Mouse Clicks at Current Mouse Cursor Location with HotKey combination on Keyboard at Fixed or Random Intervals.

5) MurGeeMon to control Dual or Multiple Monitors connected to a Windows Computer and with Lots of Desktop Controlling and Management features.

6) Network Controller to Enable or Disable Network Connections using Desktop Shortcuts or with easy to use Graphical User Interface.

7) Extended Keys Manager to control NumLock, CapsLock & Scroll Lock Keys on Keyboard.

8] Auto Keyboard to simulate multiple KeyStrokes (e.g. Multiple Enter Key pressing and Releasing) using a configurable shortcut key combination.

9) Auto Typer to type long sentences onto keyboard with a configurable Shortcut Key Combination on Keyboard.

10) Wallpaper Software to easily Change Wallpaper on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and other Windows Versions.

11) JumpList Software for Windows 7 & Windows 8 to Create a Configurable JumpList to Launch Applications, Open Documents and can be used as an alternative to Desktop Shortcuts.

12) Countdown Timer to Display Digital CountDown Timer, StopWatch and Clock on your Computer.

13) Show Desktop Software Utility to Show Desktop from System Tray Icon or from Taskbar.

14) Easy Shutdown Software Utility to Create Shutdown Shortcut, Create Automatic Shotdown for Windows Computer and many other Computer Control Features.

15) Auto Talker to Type Text Messages Automatically onto Active Window.

16) Auto Mouse Click is a Mouse Automation Software to create Quick Mouse Automation Macros.

Mac Mouse Automation Utilities
Do Visit Mac Mouse Automation Utilities Website & Download Mouse Automation Utilities for Mac Lion, Mac Snow Leopard, Mac Mountain Lion, Mac Leopard, etc.
-MurGee is also for Mac
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