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Automatic take a screenshor if part of the screen changes


Filipe Meira Castro:
Was wondering to have multiple screenshots of an application, for that I see a few options, are any of these possible already in SSC?

          1) SSC to monitor and automatic take a screenshot if part (lets say 5%) of the screen changes?

          2) script that takes a screenshot everytime the mouse is clicked (so I can click on the application, and a screenshot would automatically be taken without have to click "print screen" or go to SSC)

          3) "Take a video of the desktop!" but I would rather to have individual pictures than a video..

Option 1 is the one that suits me best, Option 2 is a workaround but can work well, and Option 3 does the job but not really what I am looking for!


not currently possible with SC.. but i've been thinking about adding something like this -- or as a separate tool.

Interesting idea.
That might also be handy in the case of (say) where you are running through a security CCTV recording of a fixed view where the scene was rarely-changing, looking for any incidents, and wanted to automate the detection of a scene-change.
If you did that, you would probably need to ensure that the screenshot captured the video elapsed time counter as well, to establish at what point the screenshot occurs in the video.

Having said that, it would probably be better/faster to establish the occurrence of a scene-change by scanning the video data itself, rather than a display of the video.
Mind you, I gather that  neither of the above methods are likely to be able to capture the movement of an alien life-form across the scene. We know that because no-one has so far succeeded in capturing an image of them as they move amongst us.


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