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can anyone help me grab these pics

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Neat trick whatever they use.  I just slicked on Print screen as soon as each came into focus.    That also works with the built-in windows "snipping tool" which has the advantage of saving the picture as HTML or just about any other format.  But the "ding" that I got initially seemed to lock the screen.  The viewed image source is blank.  Wonder what they are using for setup?  the print screen app is free by the way from and is an excellent tool.  In some ways I like it better than the Windows clippers. Ayryq's way is probably the best but the other work in a pinch.  Just throwing these out there in case you need alternatives,
Nice to see another Nitro user out there :)

I looked at the webpage source, found the list in an onLoad() function, at around line 310.
-ayryq (April 28, 2015, 01:29 PM)
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Yes, the URL for all 13 images are detailed there if you right-click and select "View page source" in Firefox.
I wanted to view them, so tried "View page info.", but could only view one image at a time (the one selected or default on the web page).
So I tried the image-finding tool (a Firefox extension) called FoxySpider - refer Re: Firefox Extensions: FoxySpider - useful image-finding tool
That was actually excellent for viewing not just the 13 images for that property, but also stacks of other images not shown on that particular page.
Caveat: The discussion thread at the link shows that FoxySpider tries to scan for and collect as much as it can, which will tend to make it a resource hog if there are very large-size image files present on the webpage(s) being scanned.


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