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ATNSOFT Key Manager, Key Remapper, Text Paster – 15% Discount!



We are happy to announce that the new long-awaited version 1.10 of Key Manager software was released!

What's new:
 + Added the possibility to position and shift the mouse cursor relative to the entire screen, active window, and previous position with the option of returning the cursor to the initial position once the action is performed.
Please see the following video:
 + Added the possibility to start and stop recording using hot keys (F12 is the default hot key, but it can be customized in the program settings). This is especially useful when recording mouse clicks.

Download Key Manager:

To celebrate the new version release, we are happy to offer you a 15% discount on all ATNSOFT products (for Windows).

Order link:
Coupon code: DC15OFF

(the discount is valid during three weeks)


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