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I am really sick of Windows Fax and Scan.

I cannot send a fax because of some write protection BS message. And it has always been a huge hassel.

I used to be a very happy user of Winfax, before Symantec bought it.

Does anyone know of a good, free software for my Agere based LSI USB modem?

I only use it like once every couple of years, but if I do, I need to send some important documents quickly without fuss.

I had much the same problem, and my solution was to purchase a Brother MFC-J65IODW A3 lnkjet printer, FAX, scanner, which came bundled with all the necessary software. The price was NZ$200 net - $350 retail, less $50 store discount and less $100 cashback from Brother (you had to request the cashback online within 2 weeks or so of buying the thing).
I jumped through the hoops for the cashback and found the printer and the bundled software to be very good.
Unfortunately, the printer is not used frequently, and I discovered that, if it is not used frequently, then the inkjet print heads clog up and it's a mission and half to clean them. If you can't clean them yourself, then you will be able to get them cleaned by a specialist, under the extended 3-year warranty, which is another mission.
The printer functionality is kinda redundant in my case, as the functionality is rarely required anyway, and even then it is usually only my teenage daughter who needs it for a school project. Having an A3 scanner can be a very useful input device though..

The printer can be connected as a WiFi device and as a USB device. For Fax, it is plugged in to the phone adapter (ADSL on the other side). Incoming Fax is simple: incoming phone calls are detected and if they have the Fax carrier signal, then the Printer/Fax deals with it, otherwise it is handed over to the voice phone. Outgoing Fax is also simple.

Fax is for the birds. My objective is to go paperless, and so, working with paper is a PITA. If you don't need to print any incoming faxes, then you can manage them as PDF or TIFF image files, which means that clogged-up inkjet print heads might not be a setback.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Won't work for me. I live on several continents. I need software only functionality.

You might want to consider an email-to-FAX service.  I haven't used one myself (the last time I needed to FAX something, I was able to use the machine they still had at work, and the last time I bought/sold a home, we were able to do all document exchange via email or the web), but it seems like it might be a reasonable option to look into.

I am using my own router for incoming faxes.

But for outgoing I would prefer a free software solution.

Doesn't anybody know a free fax software?


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