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Kickstarter Highlight: Onion Omega

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Sorry about the lateness of this, but I just found out.  A very interesting project, bringing me out of my blah about posting projects...

Onion Omega Goal$15,000 ($249,094 as of this posting)End Date2015-05-05Project Creator(s)Onion.ioPersonal Rating:Total Rating 9 - Cautiously Back It $25 - Rating Based on Working, Professional Looking Website (+1), First Project (-1), Backed 23 Projects (+2), Professional Looking video (+1), Working Prototypes (+5), Kickstarter Pick (+1)ExcerptTiny dev board with Linux & WiFi. Create cool things with REST APIs, App Store, in-depth tutorials, and our awesome community!

That looks extremely cool.

However, I'm still pretty much terrified of IoT.

I've read the policy papers and whatnot, and I'm utterly terrified.

Know what the "security" section reads?

Out of scope.
--- End quote ---

While this looks like a really cool little device, the security issue in IoT is still an issue.

For example, your nice little Wi-Fi equipped automatic cat feeder provides a way for Johnny Nasty to download kitty pron onto other device on your network. Cue the police, and your days as a kitty cat rights activist are doomed.

But that's just the start.

Would I use it... Probably if it fit my needs.

But... I'm still pretty much on the terrified side for now.

The lure of being able to program in any language against an API to deal with all that stuff... that's just way too cool...

I need to learn Python.

It's cheaper for the Onion+Dock+OLED than it is for the MicroView+Dock, and more capable.

Crap, there goes more money I could use elsewhere ... curse you wraith!

Using a .io domain name instead of one of the major TLDs. -3 right off the top

I have had a lot of problems with sites on .io domains being either ponzi schemes or outright scams.

The concept is solid though, and if they have a working prototype then it looks to me like this could be a very interesting thing.

It even uses a Linux based OS that I am familiar with, using OpenWRT-equipped routers as wifi hotspots in my workplace in favor of actual business class access points.

I'll keep tabs on it as it progresses.

My personal take on it was that they had more than enough Kickstarter support without me, and they promised to open-source their hardware designs.  I figure if it turns into something successful, there will be plenty of opportunities to buy Onion Omega devices and add-ons.


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