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Dayu Disk Master Pro giveaway

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Just coincidence.  I was messing around with a Ramdisk and portable browser the last few days.  The RamDisk was by Dayu using Disk Master Free.  I see GOTD has the Pro version free for the next 11 hours and change.  I've installed it.  But I'm reticent to try anything drastic like messing with my partitions unless I have to.  One of the features it boasts is a bootable WinPE based recovery disc/usb.

It claims both MBR and GPT types are supported.

Also has features similar to Macrium Reflect.  Image backup, disk cloning etc..

One thing I found out after using up the afternoon.  If you are using Macrium Reflect don't install this.  You get an error that Macrium cannot create snapshot. Provider error.  If you google it you will get a link to the Macrium page telling you the Registry Key to delete.  It is for another software but just select the reg key with the mouse and you will see DiskMaster as the VSS Provider.  I deleted it now Macrium works again.

That's one thing I hate about giveaways.  I end up installing stuff I don't really need.  9 times out of 10 it ends up being a headache.

You get an error that Macrium cannot create snapshot.
-MilesAhead (May 07, 2015, 02:49 PM)
--- End quote ---
I had that a couple of/few years back. At the time the current Norton Ghost was still on the machine. Macrium cleared it up quite quickly.

The GOTD Disk Master Pro giveaway looks enticing, but pay attention to what @MilesAhead says.
It parallels my own experience, where I have learned to be wary of anything from GOTD.
Risky. Potentially nothing but trouble.

Anything from GOTD should not be called anything but an extended one-time trial. You have to install (and activate) the software *that* day and you are usually frozen in time in the sense that you can't ever upgrade it, even to a point-release. Also, heaven help you if you love the software and have to reinstall your OS. Your 'free' software will refuse to reinstall.

As much dislike as I have for GOTD, I have just as much love for Bits du Jour. You get a good price on the full version of the software that behaves exactly like the version you would buy from the software's official site. On the rare occasions there are any strange limitations, they are spelled out in plain English.


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