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Adguard Premium lifetime key 67% off: $39


no referral link, of course:

>>Adguard for 2 computers & 2 Android devices, normally $119, right now 67% off: $39<<
"Today we have something special, new exclusive deals from our partnership with StackSocial!" (

Adguard Premium lifetime key 67% off: $39

Block annoying and potentially dangerous ads with this advanced Internet filter and ad blocker. Adguard protects your computer and other vulnerable devices from malware, phishing, spyware, and other scams so you can browse the web worry free.

    Blocks all types of ads including video, flash, and other unconventional ads
    Restricts websites with inappropriate content for children
    Knows which sites can be trusted (uses Web of Trust data)
    Blocks ads before pages load into your browser
    Protects from phishing and malware websites
    Speeds up website loading times & saves bandwidth

    License deadline: redeem your code immediately after receiving
    Updates included
    Restrictions: includes use on 2 Android devices + 2 computers (4 total)
    License length: lifetime
-Bits du Jour
--- End quote ---

You should of course not trust the "Speeds up website loading time" promise.


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