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ON/OFF TaskBar button for Automatic log-on and connect to Internet.

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Sounds like all you need to do is set it up as a dialup account using your ADSL modem - but this relies on how your hardware is set up.

ie. ISP -> ADSL modem -> computer

No router, the modem is set up as a bridging connection and all the handshaking is done by the computer, (I still have an old D-Link USB ADSL modem that works this way).

Personally, I think the easiest way would be to set up your internet connection and then use something like InternetOff, (free).

While 4wd has a very good idea, I'm going to simplify things even more.

Some broadband modems have power buttons. Just turn off the modem when you want to be disconnected from the internet. Failing that, unplug it from the mains. You could also follow this logic for one's router.

If you don't want to go that far, just use the functionality built into the OS you are using to disable the NIC in the PC.

These suggestions are working under the premise you don't have other devices that would want to use the internet connection and/or you wouldn't want network connectivity among other devices in your house.

Another way to skin the cat using ipconfig:

basically using release to give up your IP address and renew to get it back(for broadband at least.)

More moggy mayhem:

Use netsh to remove your gateway IP, this will let you still talk to other computers on the LAN, (if you have a router).

@OP, as app103 has said, how you log into to your ISP is not likely to be the same for everyone when you consider that you have:

* ISP supplied modem with or without the facility to change log in details;
* user supplied modem with it's attendant web setup;
* user supplied modem in bridge mode with the log in details either handled by a router or a computer;
* connect via WiFi;
* some other hardware/software/combination.
Given that this seems to be for more than just yourself then it's almost impossible to create a program that will do what you want since there's no way to cater for all the possible scenarios.

The only easily implemented options are to disable the internet connection at the computer using one of the above methods or something similar.


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