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ON/OFF TaskBar button for Automatic log-on and connect to Internet.

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I am a donor and new to this forum.
Everything looks very interesting indeed and so does the site and forum.

A good idea I think, on a very useful routine......

Is there a way of having a couple of icon selections on the TaskBar for both WindowsXP and Windows7(and above), to.....
When pressed, Icon lights up green, automatically connect and Log-on to current i.s.p account. If no account, then it would open the windows new networks screen for selection.
When ready, press other button, it lights up red (green button/on goes off), and it automatically logs-off user i.s.p and disconnects the internet connection but not disables it.

This would be very very useful.

All the best.

What type of internet connection would have this usage-model? Most current internet connections are always-on, AFAIK, so no need, or even means, to turn it 'off'.

No, I did not mean 'Disable'/'Enabe', although that could be checked on- in the first place and 'Enabled''/'Disabled' depending on the condition of the Users' Action.
A button or a pair of buttons on the TaskBar.
This button/buttons would be use for the primory Internet ISP account holder (IPS name and Lon-in) to log-in with one press of a button.
Conditions would apply for:-
a). If Wireless/Netword Not 'Enabled' then hand over to Windows environment for new account setup.
b). If 'Enabled' - Automatically Log-in to prime account Holder. Connection complete, switch button to 'Green' else 'Red'.

Other useful operations:-
This routine will only work on already setup accounts.
On Set-up, you could have the ability to:
Choose between different ISP or Home Network etc.
switch ON User Account selection with password, to ensure that only true account holder activates his/her account.

The idea is just to press one button and automatically get connected and logged on to your isp.
Although Windows 7 and above does this, Windows XP would greatly benefit from this as well.
WindowsXP, on a open architecture 4 core 3mhz borad can still run almost anything even with the use of some great emulators, so its far from being dead. Oh, its a lot faster as well.
This would be very very useful to lessen the burden of new commers trying to get a grips with the ever increasing applications that Windows has, It woul also assist those of us who are seriously ill and can not do various simple tasks.

All the best.

I think what Ath is trying to say is that logging in to your ISP account each and every time you want to use the internet, is not a normal thing for broadband users to have to do. They usually login once, through their ISP supplied gateway modem/router (usually through a page in their browser) and then the connection is always on, always logged in. It's not their PC that is logged into their ISP's their modem.

If you have to login to your ISP account each and every time you want to use the internet, your setup is either not typical or you are not on broadband (are you on dialup?), and we would need a lot more info about exactly how you have to do it, in order to understand.

Hi. A lot of use do not want the internet logged-on all the time. Hence the setting are set to reflect that.
If you leave it ON all the time, you have no idea what is being pushed onto your system throughout the time you are working on the system.
If people live on the internet, then thats their choice. No Virus system is perfect and Browser hijacking is now a common place, what with advertisments and full take overs.
But a lot of us do not need the Internet, only from time to time. We have other interests on the system that do not involve the Internet, so why have it ON.
Virus companies and others recommend that you disconnect. Installations of software, for example, having the internet Off assists any Virus scanners to remove any un-know installations from trying to get on to the internet to reek its havock (both ways). The list is endless.
I have been in the computing industry since 1976 and see a lot of avoidable disasters, some serious.
So, please please can some one have a look at doing this. I can not do this for myself as I had 2 strokes some years ago and programming is not in the cards now.
Any way. I cross my fingures.
All the best.


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