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Check in if you want to give out some donationcredits to others


We've done this before, and after completion of the fundraiser it seems like an appropriate time to do so again.

If you are a long-term/active donationcoder forum member, and would like to give out some donationcredits to people on the site you think deserve some recognition, but have no donationcredits in your account, post a reply here or message me and i'll send you some to disperse as you see fit.

I've emptied my dc coffers since my fundraiser donation, and there's still a couple of people I'd like to support - so if the offer is still there I'll happily do some dispersion :)

I wasn't going to post, but I did see a few posts that were good. So, I donated some to use as DC credits. :) (I don't need any - this is just to bump the thread.)

dispersing...  :D


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