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sharepoint question

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what you mean wiki page in sharepoint?

In my sharepoint, it lists files and folders (directories basically), it doesn't create html webpages afaik

how can I list url shortcuts instead of actual files and folders?

What version of Sharepoint is it?


anyone please?

it's not about sharepoint, it's basically about how to upload in a website a file that goes to a linked file basically!

Not sure if this will be of any use, but I recall from implementing a Sharepoint site for a client several years back that, if the Sharepoint site is within an Intranet, then it is possible to view the files as being on a mapped drive in the network attaching to that Intranet - assuming you have the access rights.
This was handy for fast loading of files up into the Sharepoint system. I think it also worked the other way too - for downloading files from the Sharepoint to a local PC on the network.
Not sure whether this would work the same across the Internet to a Cloud-based Sharepoint site, though I would presume that, if it was all part of a virtual Intranet, then it should work the same.


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