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sharepoint question

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Stoic Joker:
So... This is actually less about SharePoint (and its configuration), and more about finding an automated link harvester that you can turn lose on a SharePoint site ... Yes?

yes, I already said that in my previous posts, even my first one

it's not strictly about sharepoint

it's about grabing urls and make them files

I figured out that it's fairly easy

you just drag a link to your desktop

but it doesn't work for many links, because you cannot select many links at once

but not only a link harvester, (I think there are addons that do this), but a converter, to convert the urls into shortcut files

so I saved manually all the shortcuts of the files in desktop, by dragging them, they appear not to have an extension but I figured out they have the extension .url

unfortunately, my sharepoint admin has blocked uploading of .url files, but I can upload .htm files

I figured out that opening the .url file with notepad, and saving the exact text as .htm file, it works! ie. it goes to the target url, plus it is allowed to be uploaded at my sharepoint

my problem is now to do this in batch: to convert the .url files into .htm files
unfortunately, a simple rename wont work: it produces a .htm.url file

is there a solution to this?

maybe in batch, copy the text of .url files and save it as .htm file?


Stoic Joker:
Either go to folder view settings and disable 'Hide file extensions for known file types' (so it stops doing the double extension), or do the rename at the command line with ren *.url *.htm


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