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sharepoint question

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yeah that's true IainB

but the problem is this:
I need a file that will be shortcut to a web file
I create shortcuts on desktop, but I cannot edit them to make them point to a web file
this is what I need

Stoic Joker:
Okay, so outside of having installed one once to experiment on/with - which I ended up never having time to do, I know nothing about SharePoint. But I've been watching the agony which is this thread for a week and thought what the hell I'll see what I can find..

To that end I can across the following link which may or may not be helpful in-and-of-itself ... But might at least help shed some - more specific - light on which part isn't working:

The article seems to imply (to me...) that this should just work in a normal HTML link fashion, so it's possible some key part is either currently offline or misconfigured.

thank's that is a good article, BUT
I think there is a simpler way

I right clicked on a sharepoint file/folder and clicked 'copy shortcut'
then I pasted on my desktop and it created a shortcut!
these shortcut files is what I need!
I can then upload them to my sharepoint site!

is there a way to create these files at once, in batch, and not one by one?

I asked a colleague of mine who works a lot with Sharepoint and this is what he has to say:

I have reviewed the post and I might recommend the workaround: creating a HTML page with the links, as you can see below:
Workaround: Create a simple HTML page with META REFRESH Tag and upload the HTML file to the document library

Read more:
Both solutions, creating a content type link and creating the links and the HTML page implies manual work.

thanks but the problem is I cannot have the administrator of the sharepoint website to add the 'add link to document'  :-\

that's why I just need to convert a list of urls into desktop shortcuts to those urls in batch!

there must be a solution!

but my google capabilities didn't work much!


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