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sharepoint question

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I have a list of files and folders in a sharepoint website

In another sharepoint website, I want to create shortcuts to these files

is there an easy way? to grab the links (or maybe straightaway shortcuts) convert/create shortcuts and upload them altogether in the sharepoint website?

I don't know how to grab the shortcuts from multiple sharepoint files/folders at once, or how to grab the urls of multiple files/folders at once and convert them into shortcuts.
Then, I don't know how to upload shortcut files into a sharepoint website, trying to select one desktop shortcut to upload it, it just opened the file and it didn't allow me to upload the actual shortcut. Do I need different type of shortcut?

any idea?


what are the available shortcut filetypes?
any else?

no one??
it doesn't have to be specifically for sharepoint, I need a generic answer!

anyone please?????????

What's wrong with a Wiki page in Sharepoint? You can create a list of links there, easy as pie.
You do need Create and Modify permissions of course.


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