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Packt is giving away a free ebook each day until 17 May 2015


Each day until 17 May 2015, Packt is giving away a free programming ebook.

I have found that the quality of Packt books varies greatly, but they sometimes cover stuff that no other publisher does (like using the Android NDK for native programs). And it's hard to argue with free - if the book is junk, then delete it.



A couple of things I thought worth knowing:

- You can't just "download it" ; it seems you have to set up an account and I haven't looked at that.

- I don't see the "upcoming titles" so it seems like if you don't ... diligently ... check every day, you could miss some and then get grumpy that they stopped being free!

Both your points are correct.  The account is the same as you would set up if you purchased an ebook on their site.  Once purchased, the ebook is made available in your account for download.  You can also read the book online from the account in some sort of browser-based reader, but as far as I know all of their ebooks are available for DRM-free download in PDF and other formats (such as ePub - I'm not sure if all formats are available for all books).

And yes - you have to visit the site each day to find out what the book is. I believe the new book is made available (and the previous one unavailable) at 4:00 PM Pacific time.  Kind of a drag, but oh well.


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