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attempted capture opens web page

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So I just downloaded this program to do one thing - (take a screenshot of my dc forum configuration page to ask for help in why I'm not receiving any notifications.)

When I take a screenshot using the Quick Capture Bar, or by hotkey, I get a new tab in Pale Moon with address

When trying to use a "region" selection, I get a new tab with address www_getwindowinfo (Pale Moon adds the www. and .com after).

If Pale Moon isn't focused, it works OK. But in this case I'm trying to take a screenshot of a webpage.


sorry ayryq, not much help here -
but just for the record:
I use Palemoon and am unable to reproduce this.

Windows 7 x64
Palemoon 25.3.2 x64
SC v4.9.6 (I have portable (with default settings) and installed versions)

More information:
I'm using Windows 8 64. Pale Moon 25.3.2 (x86). I switched my default browser to Chrome: Capturing Chrome windows works fine, but (even when Chrome is the default webbrowser) if Pale Moon is the active window it tries to handle this bogus URL.

I have lots of extensions, I'll try to find Pale Moon's safe mode next to see if one of them is the issue.

OK, found a workaround in SC preferences.
Basic Capturing -> Capture Options -> untick "retrieve and store URL string from browser..."

Now it works fine.


how weird!!!
let me look into it.
Can you tell me what the Pale Moon browser exe name is? Is it PaleMoon.exe ?


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