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Steam Workshop changes to allow monetization


Valve will allow people to monetize their creations through Steam Workshop.

Details are now on the Steam workshop page:

When I first saw this, I thought, "Cool!"  They've had the ability on Skyrim Nexus for a while to pay people, and to have that same ability on Steam seemed like a cool idea.  After trying the modding, I know how much work these people put into this.  It could start a whole renaissance!

But whenever you put the idea of not free into an arena where free existed, people get upset.

Personally, I use Patreon a lot, to support micro projects for people that I think should be supported, and that release things that I use, and I love it.

The one thing that is still very bleh is the amount that they take.  For providing a service that allows delivery, the margins should be 15% on the outside, IMO.

But the idea is very cool and very needed IMO.  The only way to monetize these very useful skills shouldn't be by begging or hoping that you get picked up by a game company.

More info from Nexus:

I don't see why a modder can't expect to get paid for their work (As somebody was ranting about in the other thread that lead me here) - Why should they spend potentially hundreds (if not thousands) of man hours creating something fantastic, only for the community to call them greedy for hoping to make some $$$ from it....yet the same community don't see how hypocritical they are being by ACTUALLY being greedy and EXPECTING it for free.

Yes I like to get things for free (Who doesn't?)  But I would never bitch about a developer/modder hoping to get paid for his/her work.


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