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LabelControl and Internet Explorer (9+) crashes



I've been a user of LabelControl for many years now.

It is a program which I've found useful since I use the keyboard to interact with the system whenever possible.

Throughout the years I've found several problems with the way this script interacts with some programs.

From my point of view the biggest problem is presented upon the use of this program with Internet Explorer 9 and beyond:
When you press the control key whilst LabelControl is running and you have the system focused on the Internet Explorer, it is quite usual that an error pops up and a windows appears stating that I.E. will be closed. Despite of that statement the program isn't really closed, the only thing that gets closed is the tab you were on when you pressed the control key.

Anyhow, this renders LabelControl incompatible with Internet Explorer (9+)

Its clear that the best thing would be to modify the script somehow to prevent this from happening, so both software become compatible.

┬┐Does anybody know how to do this?

If not, a possible workaround could be to make the script ignore I.E.
I've tried to make this happen inserting the following lines at the beginning of the script:
ifwinactive ahk_class IEFrame

Yet the problem persists.

┬┐Does anyone have any idea on the matter?

I'd finally like to say that its a pitty that Skrommel has interrupted the development of this great tool, I hope one day he'll continue its development.


Hey Claudio,

funny thing, I'm just working on this issue as well :-)

Your approach to exluding IE windows from LabelControl is quite correct, you just forgot the "not". And I'd move the line from the beginning of the script to around line 24:

--- Code: Autohotkey ---#IfWinNotActive ahk_class IEFrame~LCtrl::If down=1  Returndown=1
and then once more around line 215:

--- Code: Autohotkey ---#IfWinNotActive ahk_class IEFrame~LCtrl Up::...
works for me :-) Does this help you?

Now if anyone managed to change the modifier key and tell me his/her solution...




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