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Ran a 10k race today.. any other runners here?

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Just finished my 2nd ever 10k run today, in the cold and rain.  Was super fun.

My time was 1:05:33 (thats a 10:33 minute mile pace).

I'm enjoying running lately.  Any other runners here?

I'd like to do more, but my ankles and knees don't like it much... but I think I need to work at it more before i hit 60 later this year. Still, I manage to do a good mud run every year with my 7-year-old. (He "accidentally" ran it with me the first time when he was 5... my wife was late for the handoff!  :D)

Yep, three times a week, usually in the 3-5 mile range. Never done a 10k race, but my best time for that distance is 53:13. Done several 5k races, though (my PR is 24:12). Those are fun to do with others; I raced with my pastor a couple times, another time I ran with my brother.

Started in February 2014 with Couch-to-5k, and could barely run for a minute; since then I've run 715 miles (and lost 85 pounds). Kept it up all this winter, running inside only when I had to (too cold AND too slippery kept me in—one or the other and I went out).

I should add that I love all the tech. If I run in the dark I have five batteries on my person :Thmbsup:
Garmin FR220 running watch
Garmin footpod (tracks cadence)
Scosche RHYTHM plus (optical heartrate monitor)

Black Diamond sprinter headlamp
Nathan strobe light

I don't do music, and I don't bring my phone unless I'm traveling (and thus more likely to get lost).

Awesome aryq!!!

Sounds like you need to make a few posts in the gadget thread:


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