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Using a batch file to create a hyperlinked png or jpg image.

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PS:  I thought Blat was a Beer Brand?  Doesn't Homer Simpson drink it?
-questorfla (April 28, 2015, 08:42 PM)
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he used drink Duff

Dunno if Blat based on the Russian word:
Blat (term), a form of corruption in Russia and the Soviet Union
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According to Max Vasmer, the origin of the word blat is the Yiddish blatt, meaning a "blank note" or a "list".[5] However, according to both Vasmer and N. M. Shansky, blat may also have entered into Russian as the Polish loanword blat, a noun signifying "someone who provides an umbrella" or a "cover".[5] The word became part of Imperial Russian criminal slang in the early 20th century, where it signified relatively minor criminal activity such as petty theft.[5]-
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[look who's procrastinating ;-)]

More likely the dictionary meaning:


* :  to cry like a calf or sheep :  bleat2

* a :  to make a raucous noise
* b :  blabtransitive verb

* :  to utter loudly or foolishly :  blurt
* — blat nounExamples of BLAT

    <blatted an obscene expletive before biting the dust>

Origin of BLAT
perhaps alteration of bleat
First Known Use: 1846
Related to BLAT

    exclaim, blurt (out), bolt, cry (out), ejaculate
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Or I guess I could go look at the history  :-\

History of Blat

Who wrote Blat?

    Pedro Mendes & Mark Neal until October 1998
    Tim Charron & Gilles Vollant after October 1998

Where did the name Blat come from??

``NO real reason for calling it blat... actually I wanted to call it Blat mainly because Pedro thought it was a ridiculous name. And then because we could say things like 'I'm just going to blat off a quick email to ...' etc...''

--Mark Neal
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