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Microsoft is releasing a cross-platform code editor

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Sorry double-post.

To make up for that...

Here's something from MS -- IIUC one of their research folks (Cynthia Dwork) is the creator(?) of Differential Privacy (mentioned in a RAPPOR paper FWIW):

In 1977 Dalenius articulated a desideratum for statistical databases: nothing about an individual should be learnable from the database that cannot be learned without access to the database. We give a general impossibility result showing that a formalization of Dalenius’ goal along the lines of semantic security cannot be achieved. Contrary to intuition, a variant of the result threatens the privacy even of someone not in the database. This state of affairs suggests a new measure, differential privacy, which, intuitively, captures the increased risk to one’s privacy incurred by participating in a database. The techniques developed in a sequence of papers [8, 13, 3], culminating in those described in [12], can achieve any desired level of privacy under this measure. In many cases, extremely accurate information about the database can be provided while simultaneously ensuring very high levels of privacy.

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I learned a new word:


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-ewemoa (April 29, 2015, 05:35 PM)
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I doubt that I'll ever use it (or probably ever see it again).  Why couldn't she have said, "In 1977 Dalenius stated that statistical databases should have the following property: ..."


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