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Clipboard Help and Spell - New Name?

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Why ?

Even after you rename it something else now, you will find it not properly named after 5 years.

The technology keeps changing, advancing, so a name which looks perfect may seem wrong in few years. When Bill named his company Microsoft, then the micro computers and software was in his mind. Now there is no micro computers as we know and software has become apps. Also we know how people make fun of the name "micro" and "soft".

Even my app Overlap Wallpaper name looks wrong. It should be "Overlap a photo on the desktop Wallpaper" and people have pointed it to me.

My advise : Do not worry. "Clipboard Help and Spell" is not a bad name and it still signifies it purpose. Rest is up to you.



It is difficult to a find a new name when 'clip' should be in the name. Most of the times, the name has already been taken.
Personally, again... personally, I never felt the name 'Clipboard Help and Spell' really appealing. Mouser, I don't want to offend you!
I felt the name was too long and also the 'Help and Spell'-part, I don't know, the main task is to manage clips in whatever way.

But then again, what does it matter?

As said it is difficult to find a short, unique name with 'clip' or 'clips' in it, also easy to abbreviate.  Clip may also be a video clip.
"MyClips" or "MyClipTools" "MyClipboardTools" "ClipboardTools Pro" "DCClipboard" (MC/MCT/CTP/DCC)  DC=Donation Coder

Think ClipboardTools Pro isn't yet taken.

Drawback of changing name is that CHS has been mentioned and known on many sites.

Ah well... maybe leave it as it is...  :)


CHS: clipboard handler system, clipboard handler service


My inclination would be to keep the name.  But to refer to it as CHS routinely, to make it less of a mouth full. In that case searches on either CHS or Clipboard Help Spell would pick it right up.

Anyway I am glad you asked.  I read the description more thoroughly.  I didn't realize all the applications it has.  I'm going to try it out.   :Thmbsup:

If you're not wed to the "CHS" acronym, I have a name idea: Clipboard Conquest.


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