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How to get Desktop Coral to stay on Primary Monitor when switching screen setup?

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Thanks!  It's no biggie - now that I know how to fix it!
You may wonder why I would use a program like this.
Well, I use another program called PowerPro, which creates for me a custom bar that runs along the top of my screen (kind of like your command bar program).  It's supposed to be able to dock itself, but since I run my taskbars vertically, there are a few issues and it doesn't dock properly.  So I use Desktop Corral (and have for many years!) to hold it's place for me.  It works perfectly.

I can work on this.
-mouser (June 19, 2018, 10:24 AM)
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Any luck with this? I just got a USB C monitor, and it's great except that I need to keep fixing my desktop coral each time I plug it in. Its a great program and I love having my rain meters always exposed.


I sometimes have troubles with it too, after a graphics card update.  I use three monitors, and sometimes DC thinks it should be on a different monitor.  I have to undock it, move it, and redock it, then quit, then restart before it will stick in the right spot again.

I use Desktop Corral to hold the space for my Powerpro toolbar that runs across the top of my central monitor.  Powerpro can hold the space itself, but not as reliably or as well as DC, so I've always just relied on DC.  [just to let you know there are other users of your nice, unique application]

Oh, I basically just said the same things as I said last year about the same time....  whoops.  hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!  I must be getting old!


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