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How to get Desktop Coral to stay on Primary Monitor when switching screen setup?

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I have a triple monitor setup where my Primary monitor is in the center and I want desktop coral on the top of the primary monitor, works fine.

Sometimes I remove my laptop from this setup and use it was a regular single screen laptop, desktop coral works fine.

When I come back home and plug my laptop back in to the triple monitor setup, sometimes desktop coral does not stay on the primary monitor, but the leftmost.

Is there a way to solve this? I can't seem to find the config file to just manually check for # of screens at login and adjust desktop coral accordingly.

Hi jiexi,

I'm not sure exactly how to solve your issue, but i suppose as a first step let me tell you that the config file, on win vista and later will be a file called DesktopCoral.ini in your documents\DonationCoder\DesktopCoral directory.

For others who are still looking for a solution to this. Setup desktopcoral on the monitor you want with the settings you want. Then set the ini file to readonly. It will stay on the monitor you left it on even when you unplug your monitors and plug them back in.

I've always had this exact same problem.  Three monitors - when I change one of them, DesktopCorral always starts on the leftmost monitor, no matter where I put it on the center monitor.

In the settings file, there is Dock > CurrentMonitorId = 0
There is also Settings > LastMonitorId = 0
Jesse, what does that setting mean?  Usually, monitors are numbered 1,2,3.

On a hunch, I changed those values to 1, quit DC and restarted it, and it now starts on the center monitor.

I think that whatever triggers DC to reallize which monitor it is moved to - well, it's either broken somehow or it doesn't save the value.  OR, when you unplug a monitor, which causes all windows to move to another monitor, DC changes it's monitor ID or gets it wrong.  When you plug the other monitor back in, you have to manually drag DC back to it's right place - but now the IDs are wrong - OR when the other monitor is plugged in, DC doesn't know it and so doesn't update the monitorID in its settings.

I can work on this.


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